Why Go Solar?

There are many reasons why your home or business should go solar….
Feel secure that you’re protected from rising energy prices

Once you have a installed a solar system on your roof, it will continue to generate free electricity from the sun year after year. This means you can substantially reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills, giving you the peace of mind that you’re doing what you can to keep your bills as low as possible while still enjoying the benefits of all the gadgets that electricity powers.

Government Incentives

The Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme (STC) provides thousands of dollars towards purchasing and installing your system. In addition, state based Feed-In Tariff Schemes pay you for any excess electricity you generate and don’t use but you must act now, as both STC’s and FiT’s rates are getting lower each year.

Significant Investment Returns

There aren’t many financial investments better than solar. You’ll be saving on your electricity bill from day one. This could translate into a return on your initial investment of 15 -30% per annum for many years to come, with your solar energy system potentially paying for itself in around 3-6 years, depending on the system size, geographical location and total upfront discounts from Federal and State Government Rebates.

Increase the value of your home

Energy efficient homes have been proven to sell at a significant premium to less efficient ones. Imagine telling a prospective buyer that they could receive a cheque or credit every billing cycle from their energy retailer. With rising electricity prices, buyers will increasingly focus on energy efficiency and solar when considering which home to purchase. Installing solar just makes good business sense. 

Do your bit for the environment

Electricity generated via your own solar system means that you’ll draw less electricity from the grid. This means less coal is burnt at power stations reducing the use of the biggest source of carbon pollution. Installing a system is the single most effective step you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint.

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