Solar Basics

Why Choose Solar Power?

There are a number of benefits to taking advantage of solar power; saving you money on your power bill, making your home more self sufficient, and allowing you to generate clean, sustainable electricity.

Generate your own electricity for free

Adding solar to your home will allow you to generate the cheapest form of electricity, saving you money on your power bills. Plus, it may be possible to sell any excess power you generate back to the grid for credit on your bill.

Become more self-sufficient

Take control of your electricity with solar. The more self-produced power you generate, the less dependent you will be on energy retailers, and the prices they set. Plus you can also power through any grid interruptions such as blackouts by adding a battery to compliment your solar*.

*When backup circuit is connected, and battery energy is available. Find out more here.

Clean, green, sustainable 

Solar power doesn’t only have the advantage of saving you money, there are also a number of benefits for our planet. Using the sun to generate power means less harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels, which in turn helps to fight against climate change. Solar energy also uses far less water, one of our most precious natural resources, than burning fossil fuels.


Rooftop Solar

Adding rooftop solar panels and a solar inverter to your home is the first step in creating your own clean, affordable renewable power. The sun’s rays captured by your solar panels during the day get converted into electricity, which you can use in your own home during the day, or sell back to your energy retailer.

Joining over 3 million Australian homeowners who have installed rooftop solar can reduce both your power bills and your reliance on the grid. Becoming more energy self-sufficient is not only good for your wallet, but it is also good for the planet, and you can sleep well knowing you are actively helping to cut down on carbon emissions when you choose to install solar power.


Adding Battery Storage To Your Home

Adding battery storage to compliment your solar system is a great way to maximize your household’s use of your own, self-generated power.

We consume most of our power in the morning and in the evening, however solar panels generate most of their energy in the middle of the day when the sun is shining. Adding a battery to compliment your rooftop solar will allow you to store your excess energy generated during the day, to power your home when the sun goes down. This in turn reduces the need to buy electricity in peak periods, saving you even more money on the power bills.

A home battery system can also provide you and your family protection in a power outage by enabling you to power essential appliances in your home with your stored battery power in the case of a blackout*.

*When backup circuit is connected, and battery energy is available. Find out more here.