Introducing the Redback Smart Inverter
It's Love at first light!

If you’re looking to invest in solar for your home, we can offer you practically any brand or model, but you can’t go past the Redback Smart Inverter by Redback Technologies. 

Designed and tested right here in Brisbane Australia, the Redback Smart Inverter is affordable yet robust and designed to survive in harsh Australian outdoor conditions. Plus, the MyRedback app and Redback Portal come standard so you can monitor your system’s activity anytime, anywhere. Reduce your power bill and your carbon emissions with the Redback Smart Inverter by contacting us today (click-here)

7.2, 9.6 or 14.2kWh Battery Storage Capacity

Compatible with most Tier 1 Systems

10-Year Warranty 

Backup Supply in a Power Outage*

Easy Monitoring App and Portal

Australian designed
for Australian conditions


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