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Improve your business’ energy resilience with a complete solar and battery solution

Invest in smart, clean, low-cost electricity

Running a small business isn’t easy. Your customers deserve all your energy and attention, and it can be a constant struggle to stay ahead of the competition.

Instead of wasting your valuable time worrying about your electricity costs, invest in your business energy resilience. You can take control over your power supply with a smart solar or battery solution from Redback Technologies.

Invest in sustainability

Modern consumers prefer to spend their money with businesses that run sustainable operations and do their share when it comes to environmental protection. A 2020 study showed that 63% of companies that embraced sustainability saw an increase in revenue generation and customer loyalty.

The same study found that consumers are generally more satisfied with their purchase if they know it helped to make a positive difference. You can use sustainability to your advantage and differentiate yourself from your competition by becoming a leader for positive change.


If you are looking for ways to put a little green in your wallet by going green for your home and business; you might be surprised at the wide range of available offerings solar and battery storage systems has to offer. Leverage the benefits that a sustainable business provides and attract and retain customers with a clear position on green and sustainable operations. Invest in the future of renewable energy and invest in yourself by contacting our team-today! (Click-Here)

We have the solar and electrical solutions to meet your business’ needs

Whether you’re looking to add rooftop solar, a battery to your existing solar, or solar and a battery together or you need anything electrical supplied and fitted; our fully-licensed and professional team at Cooper and Co. Electrical Services has a solution to meet your business’ needs.

Our CEC Accredited Partners/Installers and Licensed Technicians can be found across Australia and can advise you on the best options for your business and provide an obligation-free quote.

Simply reach out and we’ll design a system or provide the solution within your needs and budget.

“I installed a Redback Smart Hybrid just over 12 months ago and since then I’ve saved between $500 and $700 a month, every month, and besides that it’s been a lifesaver for my business. On a couple of occasions, when power outages have hit, we’ve had the luxury of being backed up and powering through – it means I don’t lose time or money.

I always knew the cost saving benefits of solar, but the design and capabilities of the Redback Smart Hybrid led me to adding one to compliment our system.

It’s about autonomy when you work and live in Far North Queensland, buying a Redback means I’m backed up by something I know and trust.”

Greg H.
Electrical Contractor and business owner
Far North Queensland

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