Let's Go Solar!

Solar panels generate energy from the sun to power your home during our long, sunny Australian days.

The panels capture sunlight, and an inverter converts that power into useable electricity for your home.

This has several obvious benefits, including reducing your power bills and your carbon footprint.

This electricity can be used to power your home while the sun is shining.

To maximise the benefit of your self-produced solar energy and to save the most on your power bill, you should set appliances such as washing machines and pool pumps to run during the day while the sun is shining.

If your solar panels are producing more energy than what your household requires, you may be able to sell that energy back to the grid and earn credit on your electricity account.

These figures vary between each distributor and state but in general, the trade in price for your energy is normally less than the price you buy it for when your panels are not producing electricity.

A limitation of a rooftop solar set up is that you only benefit from your solar power during the hours when the sun is shining.

This means when there is no sun, there is no free energy and you revert back to buying electricity from the grid.

Adding home battery storage to compliment your rooftop solar allows you store your excess power for when the sun stops shining.

Make the switch today!