Are you fed up with your expensive electricity bills? Of course, yes, then opt for adding solar panels to save money on power bills. Nobody loves having to pay for electricity. Using one of the world’s natural resources, the Sun, Australians may buy Cooper and Co.’s solars to power their home and make the most of Australia’s cheapest and cleanest energy. Slowly, consumers are learning the benefits of having a solar power system. In recent years, many companies producing solar panels have also expanded.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and it is available throughout the year in tropical climates like Australia with no restrictions. Investing in solar panels is a one-time expense that will save you money in the long run. Furthermore, the solar power system will lower or eliminate the electricity expense, and you may use the money you save towards something else. When you install a solar electricity system at home, you will be able to utilize electrical equipment without worrying about excessive electricity use. It will last you for decades.

What are the benefits of solar for your residence?

• It helps you save money on electricity, minimizes your carbon impact, reliance on a centralized electricity supply, and much more. The advantages of solar at home are mentioned- below:
• The primary benefit of having solar power at home is that you may save money on your monthly electricity bills.
• Installing a solar energy system in your residence raises its property value.
• You have invested in a green and renewable energy source that is helpful to the environment by installing solar rooftop systems.
• The initial installation cost might be pretty expensive, but solar panel systems are incredibly robust and require little to no maintenance during a fruitful lifetime of 25 years or more.

A solar hot water system is a device that assists in heating water by utilizing the energy of the SUN. This energy is free, and water is heated using solar energy (sun rays). A solar hot water system may efficiently heat the water to temperatures ranging from 60 to 80o C. The rays of the Sun strike the collector panel (a component of a solar water heating system). Inside the collectors, a black absorbing surface (absorber) collects solar radiation and transmits the heat energy to the water running through it. The hot water is collected in an insulated tank to avoid heat loss. The thermal siphon system mechanically circulates water from the tank through the collectors and back to the tank.

Cooper and Co. Electrical Services is a Gold Coast-based independent, 100% Australian-owned solar and electrical firm. We offer quality materials at wholesale-direct pricing and quality craftsmanship with each installation. We dedicatedly provide clean, more affordable energy to Australian households and businesses. Cooper & Co. Electrical Services guarantees that you are working with a reputable solar and electrical firm in your best interests.