Are you fed up with the high expenses of electricity bills? Of course, yes. There is a better alternative for you to save money on power bills to consider solar services. As we are already aware, the sun is a primary source of energy for solars. The energy source (sun) does not exhausts, which means that this source of energy is available for an indefinite period. We can utilize such kinds of non-exhaustible energy sources as the sun to generate electricity. Australia receives one the most abundant sunshine compared to other countries. It means renewable energy options such as solar offer a natural alternative to buying solar power from the grid.

Is solar power worth it?
If your search history includes this question, “Are solar panels worth installing?” then the following mentioned points might help you to answer your queries:

  • Homeowners in Australia are switching from their typical off-grid electrical systems to the most powerful and reliable solar energy solutions.
  • One of the primary grounds for the switch to solar is because solar helps them save more money on their soaring high electricity bills.
  • Another benefit of installing solar panel systems is that it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. It means less coal may burn at power stations, reducing the use of the significant source of carbon pollution.
  • A good quality solar power system can help you save more on your utility bill in the future, to be precise.

How does Roof top solar work to generate electricity?
The solar panels transform solar energy into electricity in DC form (Direct Current). The DC electrical energy is converted into AC (Alternate Current) power through the inverter/power conditioning unit that is linked to the power grid via an AC distribution board. You can measure the AC power output through a metering panel bridged to it. The grids can synchronize the 415 V AC output of the solar energy system with the grid, and the electricity can be transmitted to the grid depending on solar power generation and regular consumption.

The best is that the Australian government provides funds for installing solar panels on your rooftops in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates, also referred to as STCs. Australia is divided into 4 zones, and according to the zone you live in, the consumer will get a certain number of STCs per kilowatt for an eligible system.

Why should you consider Cooper and Co. for installing Solar panels?
Cooper and Co. Electrical Services are an independent and 100% Australian-owned solar and electrical company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The firm has installed a large number of solar panels across Queensland. A local Gold Coast-based support team and a network of local CEC Accredited installers have assisted us in the installation process across Australia. You can always rely on that you are dealing with a genuine solar and electrical company that has your good interest at heart. Our motto is providing the best quality solar products at wholesale-direct prices and quality workmanship with every installation. We are committed to offering cleaner and more affordable energy to Australian homes and organizations.