What Size System!

Quick Overview

One of the largest solar PV system available for residential use, is a 10kW solar system is a great choice for large households and home offices. And thanks to the rapidly decreasing cost of solar power systems, they’re more affordable than ever. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing yours.

10.53kW Solar System | Fronius with Phono Solar 390W Diamond Glass
Average: 42.12kWh per day 15373kWh per year
  • Fronius Inverter
  • Phono Solar Panels
  • Clenergy Rail Kit
  • 10 Year Inverter Warranty
  • 20 Years Panel Replacement Warranty
  • 30 Years Panel Performance Guarantee
  • 12 Years Installation Workmanship Warranty
  • $0 Deposit – Up to 72 Months Interest Free 
Average cost

$9,900 and $15,300

Number of panels

27 x 390W = 10,530W (10.53kW)

Power generated

42kW Average per day

How much can I save?

Operating at full capacity, $105 per electricity bill cycle.

Average payback period

Within 5 years

Suited to

Smaller households with an electricity budget of $120 per bill cycle.

How much does it cost?

A good quality 10kW solar system costs between $9,900 and $14,300.

When choosing the system that’s right for you, remember price is a good indication of quality. You don’t have to spend the maximum amount to get the best results, but sticking to this price range ensures you’re purchasing quality you can rely on – both now, and into the future.

Speaking of the future, you should also consider warranty support. Things can – and do – go wrong, so a warranty, along with Australian based support is a must. Every 10kW solar system we sell comes with both, protecting your investment for years to come.

How big is it?

A 10kW solar system consists of 27 to 30 solar panels. As they’re 1.65m x 1m in size, you’ll need quite a lot of roof space to support it – 50 to 65 square metres to be exact.

How much power does it generate?

How many kWh is 1 unit?

1 kWh is the amount of energy consumption by 1 kW load in one hour. Therefore, 1 Unit = 1 kWh.

An efficient, well-functioning 10kW solar system generates around 42kW per day.

However, how much power your 10kW system generates depends on two key factors – your geographic location and the orientation and angle of your solar panel array. You’ll generate more power in summer than in winter, and sunnier locations yield better results than those experiencing higher cloud levels.

Regardless of your location, our installation experts will ensure your system’s positioned for the best possible results. Along with purchasing the best quality system and components you can afford, this will ensure you get the best possible return on your solar investment.

How much can I save?

If you consume most, if not all of the solar power your 10kW solar system generates, you’ll save around $400 to $700 per bill cycle. Use the bulk of your power during the daylight hours and when demand and the price of electricity are high, and those savings will increase even more.

What’s the average payback period?

The average payback period for a 10kW solar system is between 3 and 5 years. However, you’ll start saving as soon as your system starts to generate energy, so the real savings begin upon installation.

What kind of household does it suit best?

A 10kW solar system’s a big investment for a big household. If you use around 20kW hours of energy a day (mostly during the daylight hours), have reverse cycle air conditioning, a large pool, home automation, and an electricity budget of $800 or more, a 10kW system could be the perfect solution to your energy needs.

I’m ready to switch to solar – what do I do next?

The first step is to explore your options. We supply and install some of the world’s best 10kW solar systems fit for a range of budgets, and can help you find the right one for your needs. Give us a call on 1300 134 354 or request a call back today to get started.

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